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Welcome to Triune Pictures and The Prodigal Son

Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Mission Statement

Triune PicturesThe goal of Triune Pictures is to tap into a rapidly growing genre in the film industry, with the The Prodigal Son project, as well as capitalize on an existing market. These markets are the Christian, African American, Latino and the Hip Hop Generation. These four segments make up a large portion of today’s movie goers.

With our well organized marketing team, we intend to target specific regions and advertisement that caters to each of these markets. We have already begun this mission by collaborating with some the film industry’s top Christian and secular producers. Some of which have worked on films such as, When Harry Met Sally, Payback (with Mel Gibson), and Prison Break. This merger is for the sole purpose of producing an excellent Christian film that is sure to captivate movie goers worldwide.

Another huge impact in the film industry is African American films. For decades, Black films have made their presence known with large box office turnouts. Making up 20% - 30% of the movie going audience today, the African American market is the second fastest growing segment in theater attendances. Our marketing team has come up with several cost efficient ideas for reaching millions of African American movie goers throughout the country. By executing these well planned strategies, we are sure to reach the heart and soul of the African American community. In targeting this niche’ market, The Prodigal Son film will capitalize on the consistent profit margin that Black films have continued to produce for filmmakers for years.

Movie PosterUnlike most urban films, The Prodigal Son has the unique ability to branch out to an underserved, sprouting community in the United States. This is the Latino community. With several key characters in the film and the production team being of the Latino heritage, this film has the opportunity of crossing over into this neglected market in the film industry. To assist with this transition, the management team has explored the possibility of dubbing the film for Spanish- speaking viewers, networking with Latino organizations, promoting on Latino stations and casting well known Latino actors. These are a few of the avenues we have considered. However, we are confident in our efforts of forming a long standing relationship with the Latino community and The Prodigal Son film.

There is a new demographic group that is not limited by cultural diversity. This is the multicultural, multiracial segment known as the Hip Hop Generation. With the wide spread acceptance of Rap music by teenagers and young adults, the urban culture and life style has become universal. What was once considered to be the fashion and style of young African Americans in the inner city is now the norm for every rural area throughout the country. Due to this cross cultural movement, films of this nature are no longer confined by the restraints of a limited marketing group. Part of our brilliant marketing strategy is to promote the film through selective advertisement that appeals to this generation of movie goers.

Another wonderful element of this film is its potential to reach, yet another group of movie goers, boxing fanatics. The main plot for The Prodigal Son is about a young man that leaves home to pursue a career in boxing. In his pursuit, he manages to win several belts and is on his way to possibly becoming a heavy weight contender, when his career is cut short by his imprisonment. However, that doesn’t stop him from becoming the champion of Stateville Penitentiary. With fight scenes that would make Rocky flinch, this film is sure to draw big numbers from boxing fans all over.

Since then several other films have been produced catering to these two markets. To name a few:

Woman, Thou Art Loosed,

Diary of a Mad Black Woman,


The Gospel.

And like these films, The Prodigal Son would also capitalize on these growing markets.

The Prodigal Son Outreach Project

Another reason for creating The Prodigal Son is to create a witnessing tool through means of entertainment that could be used to reach the youth of today. This film deals with some of the real life issues that teenagers face in society and explores the fascination that many of our young men have with the gang lifestyle. This growing epidemic has caused the gang population to triple within the past years. Millions of youth have been deceived into believing that the only life worth living is that of a successful drug dealer, gang member or rap star. Each year, gang involvement claims thousands of lives, through death or imprisonment. This problem has plagued inner city families at an alarming rate, and fear has gripped the hearts of parents nationwide.

Under the mask of "telling it like it is, in the hood" Hollywood has exploited these horrific acts of genocides for profit. Many of the films produced by Hollywood and independent film makers today have helped perpetuate this vicious cycle. For this reason, God has called us to use the very means that is contributing to the detriment of His people, to combat this problem. This film not only exposes the distorted mentality of gang members, but also the harsh reality that surrounds this lifestyle, such as police brutality, prison, murder and the ultimate betrayal of a loved one. However, unlike any other urban film, The Prodigal Son will deliver a message of redemption and forgiveness, both in the film and in the streets, with The Prodigal Son Outreach Project.

We are currently discussing with Urban Ministries Inc. (UMI), the largest African American Christian Publishing and Media Company in the U.S., about the possibilities of attaching an educational component to special DVD packages, as well as DVD sales to their distribution of 40,000 Black churches. We are also networking with several large African American organizations and churches about the possibility of sponsoring this project.

To assist us in these efforts, we are seeking sponsorship and support from organizations, churches, corporations, and individuals who are willing to actively get involved with this awe-inspiring cause to reclaim our youth from the streets, by participating in one of the programs mentioned below.

The Prodigal Son film will be more than a movie, but a movement. A movement to reach out to the lost teenagers caught up in the gang lifestyle. It will be more than a film, but a fulfillment. A fulfillment of God’s word to redeem His souls. Shortly after the release of the film, we plan to implement The Prodigal Son Outreach Project, which consists of:

  1. promoting a special educational gang counseling DVD of the film to youth and gang counseling centers throughout the country. This includes interviews with former notorious gang members and drug dealers, and a booklet to be used with the film to create dialogue in an open forum based on film characters.

  2. launch a nationwide men mentorship program with some of the country's largest African American organizations, Churches and other humanitarian organizations.

  3. launch a nationwide gun-buy-back program.

  4. call on corporate sponsors for assistance with job opportunities.

  5. assist qualified applicants with getting their criminal records expunged.

  6. use a portion of the film's proceeds to create a college grant program and network with trade schools & colleges for enrollment.
The task at hand is not an easy one. Nonetheless, it is one that has to be made in order to prevent another generation from being lost. And with your help and prayers, we are confident in the positive outcome of this God-given assignment.

Project Synopsis

This script is a current day version of a historical parable Jesus spoke of in the bible. Daniel Perkins, ("Danny"), is the main character of this remarkable story. As the son of a small town southern preacher, Danny grows up in the church. His father, a strong black man, tries to instill in his two sons the values that God has instilled in him.

Despite all his efforts, it doesn't stop his oldest son, Danny, from exploring the wild side of life. From a youth, Danny has had a fascination with the glitz and glamour of the boxing world. And at the tender age of 14, the temptation of the city life and big money becomes more than he can bear. So he decides to forsake his father's teaching and pursue a career in boxing, along with his childhood friend, Will. This takes them on a journey far beyond what they can possibly imagine - a life surrounded by drugs, murder, police brutality, and the ultimate betrayal of a friend.

In the city, not only do they get entangled with a ruthless street gang, but over the years Danny becomes the leader. However, with leadership comes responsibility. And when his drug empire starts to crumble, it's Danny who takes the fall.

After serving 12 years in prison, he lands a job as a security guard. Unfortunately for him, members of the gang he once loved have planned to rob a jewelry exchange in the building he's guarding. And the only thing standing between them and a 40 million dollar heist is Danny. They will stop at nothing to get it.

This film is full of action and twists as Danny fights his way to the top, in and out the ring. It deals with the real life issues that inner city teenagers face everyday, as well as the determination of a loving father. With boxing scenes more exciting than Rocky and a high rise take-over that makes Die Hard look soft, this film reaches a new dimension in entertainment.

The Senior Management Team

The following is the senior management bio-data:

Freeman Fields I
Executive Producer, Writer, and Director of Marketing,

Inspired by the Word of God, Mr. Fields wrote The Prodigal Son in 2004. His writing experience includes a self-published real estate book, poetry, and many notable stories. With his love of writing and his deep passion to spread the gospel to the world, Mr. Fields wrote this story to inspire, uplift and enlighten, as well as entertain.

Cindy Martinez
Script Consultant and Latino Public Relations

Ms. Martinez, a very qualified screenwriter and script consultant, was named Executive Vice President of Millennium 3 Entertainment in May 2006 and is currently serving as President of Urban Indian Films. Her company’s current projects include A National Champion and Kings For A Day. With past credits that include co-writing the game show pilot, Toonquest, for which she was also producer’s assistant and script supervisor, Ms. Martinez has worked on various film projects, including the independent film, It’s My Party (1999) and has taught screenwriting.

An award-winning writer, Ms. Martinez has a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing/Screenwriting. Cindy will finalize the screenplay for “The Prodigal Son” and will consult with the production team on the story elements and adaptation.

Benny Henderson Jr.
Boxing Consultant and Sports Public Relations

For the past three and a half years Mr. Benny Henderson, Jr., has been lead writer for one of the top boxing sites in the world,, and creator of the Christian-based boxing site,, which he created a year ago. Also a contributor for the California-based bilingual boxing magazine, Primer Round, that has been in publication for a year now, Mr. Henderson's work has also been published in various magazines and newspapers around the world and has appeared on ESPN.

As an acting member in the Boxing Writers Association of America, Mr. Henderson gets to cast his ballot on the Boxing Hall of Fame inductees. Aside from his writing and PR duties, Mr. Henderson is a professional boxer with two pro fights under his belt and manages public relations for three professional fighters.

Etienne A. Gibbs
Marketing Consultant and Gang Prevention Public Relations

Known as The Master Blog Builder for his work in building and/or maintaining blogs for his clients, Mr. Gibbs came onboard as the Public Relations Consultant. Mr. Gibbs helps pastors, small businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations improve their offline and online marketing and public relations. A graduate of California State University at Sacramento, Mr. Gibbs recently assisted several pastors in Africa and Israel, among others, promote their ministries.

While in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Gibbs served as the Youth Gang Prevention Specialist with the Louisville Police Dept. Relying on those skills and experiences, Mr. Gibbs intends to reach out to gangs via churches, pastors, schools, police departments, and other non-profit organizations. With intentions to reach family members of youths and gang members, Mr. Gibbs hopes to use this film as a tool to create dialog in reaching the youth, himself.

Mr. Gibbs, among other duties, will be soliciting Police Departments across the country for their support of the project. Currently, as an Internet Safety Advocate and Educator, Mr. Gibbs is a writer of online articles that educate the public of the attacks, dangers, risks, and threats of hackers who use viruses, spyware, malware, and other pc-disabling tools in their cybercrimes.

Status of Independent Producer

The producers of The Prodigal Son have assembled the best and brightest minds in the Christian and secular movie industry. They have partnered with some of the best producers, directors, management team and crew members in showbiz. Their production team strives to produce quality films, such as The Prodigal Son, that can impact our culture for Christ.

Christian Marketing

The targeted market for this strategy is the Christian community. This marketing strategy is a low-budget form of networking throughout churches, Christian media, faith-based organizations, and Christian websites. This style of marketing is to build and maintain a strong relationship with the Christian community.

Making the The Prodigal Son and Duststorm Productions brand names throughout the Christian community will drive viewers to the film and generate company support by word of mouth and endorsements. This marketing strategy consists of the following:

Secular Marketing

The targeted market for this strategy is the African American, Latino, Hip Hop Generation, and the Boxing society. Our focus with this marketing strategy is to reach these marketing groups the use of television, radio, billboards, websites postings to promote the film to these targeted markets.

A large portion of the advertising budget would be spent on this form of marketing. However, by promoting the film to a niche marketing groups. as opposed to a mass audience, will keep the marketing cost to a minimum. This marketing strategy consists of the following:

African American Marketing Strategies

Latino Marketing Strategies

  • Cast well-known Latino actor and actresses for roles

Hip Hop Generation Marketing Strategies

  • Slot television advertisement featuring trailers and film releases during popular rap shows, concerts, and music awards.
  • Seek endorsement from companies that cater to this market group, cellular phones, video game designer, and popular clothing wear.
  • Promote film to youth centers, schools, and gang prevention organizations throughout the country.
  • Sign on popular rap artist on soundtrack and promote the film.

Boxing Marketing Strategies

  • Publish articles about the film on the top boxing websites and magazines.

  • Cast well-known boxers for roles and promotion of the film on their personal websites, press releases, and fights.

Christian Film Industry

The Christian film industry is a not a studio system like Hollywood. It is comprised of independent film producers. Because the demand for Christian content is so high, Christian distributors often will distribute inferior products. Any project of the quality, magnitude, budget, and nature of The Prodigal Son puts it into a category that few films ever reach.

Distribution through the many Christian outlets and into the huge Christian marketplace will be very easy with the huge demand for quality Christian films. There is no better time than now to produce a quality film from a Christian world view.

The U.S. has the largest number of Christians than any other country in the world. The following is a chart of the top 11 countries of Christianity.

Top 11 Largest National Christian Populations
2Brazil139,000,000 93%
8United Kingdom 51,060,00088%
From “Top 10 Ten Everything”, by DK Publishing 1997.

Additionally, with success of previous efforts, the industry is realizing that the Christian market has been underserved. What is special about The Prodigal Son is that it crosses over to the huge market of the young secular audience. It also has great potential of breaking into the market of Christian video games, internet downloads, musical sound tracks, radio avenues, IPOD shorts, cellular downloads, and much more.

African American Film Industry

The African American film market has been on a steady rise for the past ten years or more. With the growing number of Black celebrities and the African American audience representing 25-30% of the movie-going public, this market is quickly becoming the fastest growing demographic in the film industry. According to 2005 edition of the Black Film Report, the domestic box office total revenue for films released between 2000 and 2004, with significant involvement by African Americans, is a whopping $7.68 billion. Black films accounted for $1.75 billion, black star-driven films accounted for $2.27 billion, buddy films - $926.1 million, and $2.74 billion for ensemble films with at least one black lead.

Even though Black films make up a small percentage of the domestic films, on average, they represent 3-5% of the annual domestic box office take from all films released. Today, Black films are receiving larger budgets than in years past, an average of $15.7 million. However, their production costs are still significantly lower than mainstream theatricals, which average a negative cost of $45.1 million.

Trailing 20th Century Fox’s $356.2 million tally in Black film box office, Universal studio earned the number two spot based on domestic box office revenues with a 14.8% market share ($259.6 million). Universal’s second place finish was spurred in large part by the $70.3 million box office tally of Shaft. Sony was in third with 14% market share ($244.8 million). Sony’s nine releases included White Chicks, You Got Served, Ali, Baby Boy, Two Can Play That Game, The Brothers, Half Past Dead, Breakin’ All the Rules, and Lightning in a Bottle.

Black films have made a profit for film makers consistently for more than a decade. Because of the lower production budget, less expensive P&A budget and high audience attendance, they usually offer a 75 – 80% chance of returning a profit. Past and current box office tickets sales prove this to be true.

Comparable Box Office Performances:

  • Genre: Urban/Action/Gangs Previous Performance:

Boy’z N the Hood, 1991
(55 Million box office)

New Jack City, 1991
(44 Million box office)

Set it Off, 1996
(36 Million box office)

Menace II Society, 1993
(27.7 Million box office)

Training Day, 2001
(76.2 Million box office)

  • Genre: Urban/Action Recent Performance:

Baby Boy, 2001
(28.7 Million box office)

Hustle Flow 2005
(22.2 Million box office)

Get Rich or Die Tryin', 2005
(30.9 Million box office)

ATL, 2006
(21.1 Million box office)

  • Genre: Urban/Sports:

Love & Basketball, 2000
(27.4 Million box office)

Ali, 2001
(58.1 Million box office)

Undisputed, 2002
(12.3 Million box office)

Coach Carter, 2005
(67.2 Million box office)

(average box office figure is 14 days, following weeks or DVD sales are not included)

Production Schedule

The movie will be produced by an experienced production team.

There will be at least:

  • (1) month pre-production,

  • (7) weeks of production,

  • (1) week wrap, and

  • (6) months of post production.
The process will begin shortly after funding is secured.

Film Funding and Investors' Return

(Detailed investors report is available upon request.)


We will use all of our domestic and international distribution and broadcast contacts and feel very comfortable that we will gain several non exclusive distribution deals as Duststorm Productions has successfully done with their other films. We will have Sony Pictures review the film for theatrical consideration. Regardless, we have a very solid distribution and broadcast plan that includes an independent theatrical distribution company.

DVD Sales
We are aggressively pursuing distribution with rental stores, website, churches, etc. With such the huge demand of Christian films, many rental stores have allocated individual sections catering to this market.

  • Blockbuster has a section for Christian films, comedy, ministries, etc. Some studios have also created pacific departments to meet this huge demand. To name a few, Fox Studios created Fox Faith; and Maverick Entertainment as a division called Maverick Spirit. The DVD release of The Passion of the Christ by Fox had the second highest DVD sales in history.

  • We also have the intent of working with the largest African American Christian publishing and communication company in the mid-west, Urban Ministries, Inc. U.M.I. has a distribution of over 40,000 African American churches throughout the mid-west. We’ve met with them on several occasions and they've agreed to the sale of DVD’s through their existing distribution. We're looking forward to a long lasting relationship with U.M.I. and its network of African American churches.

Cable Television
Another venue for The Prodigal Son is cable television. The unique aspect of this film is its secular appeal. Unlike other Christian films, The Prodigal Son is edgy enough to appear on HBO or ShowTime and the film's biblically based plot makes it suitable for Christian cable channels we intend to pursue, such as:

  • TLN which offers television programming that is set apart from today's cluttered channels by entertaining, educating, and empowering viewers to live a full and enriched life.

  • TBN which is the world’s largest religious network and America’s most watched faith channel offering 24 hours of commercial-free inspirational programming that appeals to people in a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic, and Messianic Jewish denominations.

  • TV One is a new cable/satellite television network with programming primarily to African American adults and offers a broad range of lifestyle and entertainment-oriented programming that respects their values and reflects their intellectual and cultural diversity.

Christian Satellite
We anticipate The Prodigal Son being picked up by these all-Christian satellite services, thereby, generating extra revenues:

  • Sky Angel is an all-Christian satellite dish service available in the 48 Continental United States and some United States territories in the Caribbean.

  • DayStar is another such service offering Christian films, programs, and ministries 24/7 (24 hours per day and 7 days per week) to the Christian community worldwide.

Video Games
With the don of the video game area, many movies are converted into games. With exciting boxing scenes, street elements, and a high-rise takeover, The Prodigal Son has the making for an awesome video game. We are currently consulting with a number of people in this billion-dollar industry.

  • Left Behind Games was founded on October 23, 2001 for the purpose of developing Christian Video and PC Games based upon the world-renowned Christian series, Left Behind, which continues to be one of the top-selling fiction series of all time.

Film Budget

US Total Budget: Contact us at for investor's package.

  1. Production Cost Totals
  2. Marketing Cost Totals
Our goal is to recoup and reduce production and marketing expenses by seeking funding, products, promotion, and services from third parties in exchange for advertisement within the film.

This includes, but is not limited to, Chrysler providing the automobiles for the film, promoting the film (see section 4.1), a clothing wear company providing the production wardrobe, U.M.I Publishing promoting the film, and DVD distribution for recognition (see section 4.1), as well as financial sponsorship from large brand name companies seeking endorsements.

We are currently working toward fulfilling this goal and already have several companies willing to entertain this venture.

(detailed budget available upon request)

Financial Projections

With mass internet marketing via Christian and African American websites, strong support from churches and Black community, targeted press releases, promotion and distribution avenues such as UMI, we estimate that this project will generate from a moderate to large profit within the first 18 months. These figures are based on the history of similar films.

(18 month) Projection.

  1. Theatrical
  2. DVD Rentals
  3. TV, VOD, Foreign, Ancillary Markets

    Contact us at
    for investor's package.